Open Licence - The Republic of Croatia

This Open Licence grants the Re-user any re-use of the Information subject to the licence, including a spatially and temporally unrestricted, free-of-charge, non-exclusive and personal right to re-use the Information under this license.

This Open Licence applies to both content and structure of the relevant data set which represents public sector information as well as to metadata pertaining to the Information concerned.


The Information and metadata may be exploited both commercially and non-commercially, in particular:

-reproduced, distributed and made available to third persons

-adapted and combined with the Re-user’s own or third persons’ data to create new data sets

-exploited by integration into internal and external business processes, products and applications in public and non-public electronic networks


When re-using the Information, the Re-user must:

-acknowledge the source of the Information by including the attribution statement as specified by the Information Provider/Producer, and include the date of its last update

-if the Information Provider does not provide a specific attribution statement, use the following: “Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Data Licence”, and provide a link to this licence

-provide a link to the relevant data set (URI) if the Information has been released publicly. 


Any amendments, editing, redesign or changes made must be indicated as such in the attribution statement.

This licence does not authorise the Re-user to re-use the information so as to suggest an official endorsement of the Re-user or the manner of use of the information by the Information Provider.